Friday, February 3, 2012

Russell Crotty – Hopper Visiting Artist Series

Russell Crotty was here at CSUC yesterday and today as a visiting artist. He presented an entertaining and engaging lecture last night, staying an extra half-hour as the audience asked him various questions. During the day, he took time to meet with grad students for one-on-one chats about our artwork. For me, he was supportive, saying I had good ideas, suggesting some things to research and consider, and prompting me to be in action with my ideas. He was awesome to be around, having a manly presence (loving the outdoors, surfing, hiking, astronomy, etc.) combined with intelligence and artistic insight, and he was easy to converse with. His art is unique and interesting, particularly his drawings that fill gigantic books and cover large global structures. Having much success in the art world (exhibitions in New York, Spain, Paris, etc.), I was encouraged to hear his bent towards Romanticism for some aspects of the art world can be too theoretical, too much in the head – the world needs thoughtfulness, but it also needs heart, action, beauty, and a little humor doesn't hurt either. 

Thank you, Russell!