Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toledano, Gutierrez, and Uelsmann...

Yes! I survived the week (two critiques regarding my work, teaching classes, the usual MFA student mayhem). But somehow I made time to visit 1078 Gallery's current shows, Colleen Toledano's Thin Red Line and Rogelio Gutierrez's El Chico de California/The California Boy. Good stuff. I especially admired Gutierrez's halftone screenprints of old photographic imagery as well as Toledano's Half Full.

I had planned months ago to present the work of Jerry Uelsmann this week to my beginning photo class along with some reading from Chris Orwig's Visual Poetry. And so I was wonderfully delighted to discover that the CSUC University Art Gallery was showing some of the Ira Latour collection this week which just so happened to feature Uelsmann prints accompanied with poems. It was great to take my class out of the room and to the gallery where they could engage with actual prints.