Thursday, January 14, 2016

"To try to be brave is to be brave."

I came across this quote by the great Scottish author George MacDonald recently––“To try to be brave is to be brave.” I found myself thinking about it over and over, being intrigued for a couple reasons. 

One––often “trying” isn’t actually arriving, yet with bravery the “trying” and arriving seem to merge into one. 

Two––the word “brave” is a richly wonderful word, signifying something I want more of in my life. How would my life look if I were to be just a little more brave? I see new possibilities opening and a sense of being more proud of myself. The United States was once known as “the home of the brave” due in part to the Star-Spangled Banner (a poem written in 1814 and later put to music), but I wonder how brave we really are as a nation––how brave are we as individuals? In thinking of bravery and wanting to practice some graphic design skills, I made these shields. 

Go forth and be brave!