Friday, April 13, 2012

Stephanie Syjuco, Open Studios, and Jill Marie Mason

We had a wonderful visit and workshop with visiting artist Stephanie Syjuco last weekend. Her artist talk was full of interesting approaches to creating art that deals consumer culture. I participated in the silkscreening process for making some posters to be displayed in her exhibition. This printmaking process was fun for me to see – its strangely easy and difficult all at once. I also set the lights in the gallery space to make her exhibition glow with vitality.

Tuesday was Open Studios day where the Art Department essentially closes down to display the work of all the BFA and MFA students. Students, faculty, and the public are invited to mill about the buildings all day to engage with our art and socialize with the artists. Although exhausting in some ways, the event left me feeling energized by all the feedback I received.

Yesterday another visiting artist, Jill Marie Mason, was here presenting a lecture of her work. She was quite entertaining in a nerdy sort of way. She often made me laugh. Much of her work is fun and silly and some of it bears more profounder aspects as well, particularly False Walls, dealing with memories, nostalgia, personal experiences that, although so specific to her own history, are relatable to the personal histories of others.