Friday, October 27, 2017

Announcing "Within and Without: Wonderings of a Sheeted Figure"

An exhibition of my new work, titled Within and Without: Wonderings of a Sheeted Figure, is happening November 9—December 23, 2017 at JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA, with an opening reception on Thursday, November 9, 5:00—7:30 pm. 

Sheeted Figure with Eye Dropper and Jar of Water, photograph,
© 2017 Jon Lynn McCallum

Jon Lynn McCallum combines digital and hands-on processes to transform and rebuild his photographic images. Through his process McCallum uncovers realms of contradictions: feeling/intellect, imagination/reality, past/present/future. He describes these as, “frail liminalities of human being.” McCallum aims to empathize with the human spirit in spite of misgivings, inconsistencies that develop these contradictions. Through the act of making, McCallum creates an awareness of the individual self and the outside world in order to affirm the essence of being.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Playing the Role of Juror, Redding, CA

I was honored to be the juror for the North Valley Art League’s Regional Photography Show this year. My first time in this role, I delighted in seeing artwork from an entirely new perspective. The first step was simply selecting the most interesting images for the show—the fun part. The difficulty came when, once the show was on display, I had to select the “best” work. Considering there were no specific categories, such as “Best Portrait” or “Best Landscape,” and that the entries were so varied, the task was not easy. To view the winners and my reasons, please visit here, or for the overall exhibition, go here. Enjoy!

Various selections from the 2017 NVAL Regional Photography Show