Friday, October 11, 2019

Child in Swing above Symbols

Child in Swing above Symbols
graphite and gesso on wood panel, 24 x 24 inches
© 2019 Jon Lynn McCallum

Child in Swing above Symbols is a recent drawing I developed as I have been thinking about how children learn to understand and navigate the world. As a father of two toddlers, I am amazed by their capacity to learn, their curiosities, their sheer delight in being alive. So many numbers, letters, and shapes to learn, so many nuances, so many meanings. The symbols here represent themselves, but also the idea of cultural codes, structures of society, and so on. 

My desire for my children is that they could delight in the world, take an active part in the world, but also that they would know they are more more than these things. That they would shape more than be shaped by these things. That they could rise above these things. That they would easily remain in, or return to, a simple state of playfulness and rest, knowing the heart of a good father who ever enjoys them and immensely cares for them.

I wish this experience not only for my children, but for all the world.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Teacher Is a Student

Another semester completed at Shasta College where I have been teaching Graphic Design and Digital Art for four-a-half years (or 9 semesters). How does it go by so quickly? I am grateful for the position and continue to be amazed by the different dynamics of students from semester to semester — essentially the same content and the same great teacher (hah!), but it doesn’t always flow the same — keeps me growing. The teacher is a student.

Here is a somewhat relatable image from my Professor of Self series, 2011.

Knowledge, Professor of Self series, photograph,
© 2011 Jon Lynn McCallum